SKoolAide motivates students to achieve. We help create pathways for our users to improve their grades and plan for academic and career success.

We start by providing a way for you to assess your personal learning styles, strengths and areas of passion so that you can begin to map out your best pathway for success. Knowing these things can help reduce conflict over grades, increase one’s self-confidence and serve as motivation to create and achieve higher goals.

SKoolAide provides insights and guidance as to how to apply the information to help students work smarter, not harder to succeed in even difficult subjects.

Finally, the SKoolAide Academic Performance Platform also provides a way for those students (and parents) who commit to the pathway  to receive digital and tangible rewards for completing tasks and goals. SKoolAide users also earn badges for accomplishments that they can easily share across social platforms for affirmation and encouragement.


According to the National Research Council upwards of 40 percent of high school students are chronically disengaged from school and current methods to improve engagement are not working.

Education policy currently focuses on how to test students, what they should learn, how to make their schools better and how to evaluate and improve teachers instead of on the single biggest determiner of academic success: student motivation. Students who are motivated to learn have higher achievement, show better understanding of the concepts they are taught, are more satisfied with school, and have lower dropout rates.

Research states students are more academically motivated when one of four conditions is present: when they feel competent enough to complete the task at hand; when they see a direct link between their actions and an outcome and have some control over whether or how to undertake a task; when the task has interest or value to them; and when completing the task brings social rewards, such as a sense of belonging to a group or approval from someone they care about. The more of these conditions that are met, the greater the motivation.

SKoolAide's incentive program works because we reward actions students can control, such as completing homework, developing habits of discipline and consistency and mastering innate skills. The SKoolAide Academic Performance Platform is designed to assist and motivate students to reach their best paths of potential by helping them to set and accomplish goals that they may have once felt to be out of their control or reach. Our goal is be that critical resource and place to guide and reward student success.

Parents...Call a truce in the battle over grades and homework. SKoolAide helps to decipher your teen's unique learning style and equips you with techniques to help them to master difficult subjects and foster their strengths.

Help them with homework, track progress and send reminders and encouragement. Use the incentive program to reward your teen for completing school tasks and build their confidence so they can achieve and succeed in both their academic and life goals.


SKoolAide guides and rewards your student's success.