The SKoolAide Academic Performance program is not just another place to go and get help with your school work. It is about you -- the student and the people who want to see you succeed in school and life.

We at SKoolAide know it’s hard to get motivated about school when you can’t see any immediate benefits for your efforts. That’s why we help you understand how to use your personal passions, interests and unique learning style to make the learning process real and relevant for your life and future.

The SKoolAide program offers study aids, homework and test preparation tools, personal task calendars, college and career guide maps, and other innovative resources to help you succeed.

And here’s the best part- you put in the effort and you’ll get rewarded. Because you earn points for doing your work that add up to real rewards like movie tickets, game rentals, gift cards, clothing, MP3 players and much more.

The SKoolAide Academic Performance program guides and rewards your success.

Reg Gabriel – CEO
Before transitioning his skills and experience gained as a Business Management professional to the educational space, Reg Gabriel was an IT program manager for a Fortune 500 corporation. He is a devoted son, husband, and father whose parents and grandparents always impressed upon him the truth that the pursuit of education was the gateway to a bright future. Taking their inspiration and commitment to excellence to heart has afforded Reg with the opportunities to travel the world (Africa, SE Asia, Australia, Europe and New Zealand) and develop a global perspective in both business and education marketplaces.
His latest endeavor, SKoolAide LLC., is designed to be a game changing technology portal that will provide students, parents, and higher education professionals with innovative tools and resources that will motivate and prepare high school students to plan and stay on their personal path of academic and career success.
John Lundsten – CTO

After graduating from University of Wisconsin Milwaukee with a Double Major in Accounting and Management Information Systems, John used his programming skills to develop an innovative application for the insurance industry that ultimately led to his forming and presiding over  COSS Development Corporation for 22 years.  After successfully exiting the company that he founded, John purchased two software firms and founded Lundsten Capital.

John is also the father of gifted 16 year old triplets who share their father’s passion for learning and working to fulfill their life potential.  He’s deeply invested in education and is a charter board member and cross country coach for one of the region’s most progressive and successful charter schools.  Just for fun, John likes to travel and push his personal boundaries by climbing mountains all over the world…Kilimanjaro, Mt. Ranier and the Swiss Alps just to name a few. 

Reg wants to be like John when he grows up. 


Education Specialists

At the very inception of SKoolAide, it was our team’s commitment to draw from and employ the skills, talents, passions, and classroom experience from both seasoned and Millenial educators so as to ensure that our model was designed to effectively address the needs of the key stakeholders. From award winning teachers, research and personality assessment analysts, guidance counselors, principals and youth mentors, SKoolAide is deeply fortunate to utilize the expertise of these educators in both technology and education in addition to their personal investment and commitment to bring positive change and innovative engagement strategies to encourage students to reach their best potential amd outcomes.



SKoolAide guides and rewards your student's success.